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Powerstation PSX3 Jumpstarter - Air Compressor, DC Outlet

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  • 1000 Amp Peak output
  • 160 PSI Air Pressure
  • USB Port
  • 18 Ah Jumper Cables
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Product Description

PowerStation PSX3 USB ChargingPowerStation PSX3 18Ah Portable Jump starter with Air Compressor, DC Outlet, and USB Port. PowerStation PSX3 is not only a heavy duty jump starter, but also a 160 psi air compressor, a 12v power source, and an emergency light on the side of the road. This all in one portable power pack will jump your dead battery, inflate your flat tire, and can charge your cell phone back to life.

PowerStation PSX3 high power air compressor is indispensable for long road trips, able to quickly fill up your vehicle’s flat tire. Great for the outdoors, the PSX3’s 12V DC outlet provides the ultimate convenience when keeping your cell phone and other electronics running. The red and green LED indicators let you know whether your PowerStation PSX3 is at full charge or needs to be charged. PowerStation PSX3 can be charged with you 12v DC cigarette outlet (4’ cord included), or your 120v wall outlet.


  • Ultra high power 18 amp hour battery starts batteries instantly
  • 160 PSI air compressor inflates tires and sporting goods quickly
  • 1 Amp USB port charges most electronics
  • Powerful 3 LED emergency light
  • 32 Inch (82 cm) jumper cables and 400 amp clamps
  • Racing gauges and carbon fiber texturing
  • Polarity Reversed Light warns of improper connections
  • Recharger trough AC wall socket or via car cig-lighter-
  • Re-charging cords are included


Battery Capacity: 18Ah, 1000 Amp. peak or 400 cold cracking Amp. Cable Gauge: 6 AWG - 32" Length
Power Output: 18 Ah Maximum Pressure: 160 PSI
Charging Source: 110 AC outlet or 12v car cigarette lighter Charger Rating: 650mA
Weight: 20 lbs Dimensions: 11.5 in. x 10.75 in. x 8.375 in.
Air Outlet: Universal adapter Voltmeter Range: 11 to 14 volts range indicator

Package Contents

  • PowerStation PSX3
  • Standard grab & lock type tire choke
  • Sport ball needle
  • Additional nozzles for sport goods
  • AC Wall adapter to recharge
  • Automobile cigarette lighter cord to recharge
  • All accessories are kept in a secure built-in compartment

Frequently Asked Questions

Battery won't charge or hold charge?
The battery needs to be charged regularly even when not in use. The battery should be charged a minimum of once a month. Failure to do so can result in damaged cells and the battery not charging or holding a charge. Battery may also be damaged if the proper procedure for jumping the vehicle is not followed.

Do they come charged?
Batteries are fully charged at the factory but they will lose charge over time. New units need to be charged prior to initial use and at least once a month between usages. The initial charge could take up to 72 hours or until the charge light activates.

Can I replace battery?
No. There are no user serviceable parts inside this unit.

Will the battery test button tell me the charge of my car battery?
The battery test button only tells you the state of the jump starter battery. It will not tell you the state of charge of your car battery.

My jump starter shows charged but is not working.
Power switch must be turned to "ON" position.

Product Reviews

5 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: Robert Cordray
 on 01/28/2015

Used it to fill air in all the tires of my riding mower, jump started the mower, pumped air into all the bikes (3), inflated soccer and basketball. All on one charge. Highly recommend the product.

5 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: Tru N.
 on 10/29/2014

My first impressions when getting the PSX3 was how heavy it was. It must be 90% battery because it weighs a ton. I had the original PSX which was huge, but weighs the same. I guess they figured something out, because this really holds its charge. I'm able to jump my RX350 with no problem. The addition of the USB charger is a great feature that we used on our last trip to big bear. We were able to fully charge an ipad mini without a noticeable drain on the voltage. I looked around at harbor freight and autozone, but they looked like jumpstarters for a tow truck driver. I can't carry these things in my SUV!

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