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Model # PSX3

Powerstation PSX3 Jumpstarter - Air Compressor, DC Outlet

Regular Price: $149.95
  • 1000 Amp Peak output
  • 160 PSI Air Pressure
  • USB Port to charge on the go
  • 18 Ah Jumper Cables
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Product No Longer Available
Unfortunately, the Powerstation PSX3 Jumpstarter - Air Compressor, DC Outlet is no longer available. You can explore other items in the Air Compressor category yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

Product Description

PowerStation PSX3 USB ChargingThe PowerStation PSX3 portable Jump starter with Air Compressor, DC Outlet, and USB Port. The PowerStation PSX3 is not just a heavy duty jump starter. This multi-use device is also a 160 psi air compressor, a power source outputting 12 volts and an emergency source of light on the side of the road. Talk about a utilitarian's dream device. This all in one portable power pack can charge your dead car battery, inflate a flat tire(not to mention anything else that is inflatable), or can also charge your smart phone back to life. Keep it in your car for emergencies or bring it along to camping trips and be the envy of all your friends.

PowerStation PSX3 high power air compressor is indispensable for those long road trips. You can quickly remedy a vehicle's flat tire. Perfect for the outdoors, the PSX3's 12V DC outlet provides the ultimate convenience when keeping your cell phone and other electronics running. It features both green and red LED indicators to tell you when your PowerStation PSX3 needs to be charged. PowerStation PSX3 can be charged with you 12v DC cigarette outlet (4' cord included), or your 120v wall outlet.


  • 1 Amp USB port charges most electronics
  • Powerful 3 LED emergency light
  • 32 Inch (82 cm) jumper cables and 400 amp clamps
  • Ultra high power 18 amp hour battery starts batteries instantly
  • 160 PSI air compressor inflates tires and sporting goods quickly
  • Recharger trough AC wall socket or via car cig-lighter-
  • Polarity Reversed Light warns of improper connections
  • Re-charging cords are included
  • Racing gauges and carbon fiber texturing


Battery Capacity: 18Ah, 1000 Amp. peak or 400 cold cracking Amp. Cable Gauge: 6 AWG - 32" Length
Power Output: 18 Ah Maximum Pressure: 160 PSI
Charging Source: 110 AC outlet or 12v car cigarette lighter Charger Rating: 650mA
Weight: 20 lbs Dimensions: 11.5 in. x 10.75 in. x 8.375 in.
Air Outlet: Universal adapter Voltmeter Range: 11 to 14 volts range indicator

Package Contents

  • PowerStation PSX3
  • Automobile cigarette lighter cord to recharge
  • AC Wall adapter to recharge
  • Standard grab & lock type tire choke
  • Additional nozzles for sport goods
  • All accessories are kept in a secure built-in compartment
  • Sport ball needle

Frequently Asked Questions

Battery won't charge or hold charge?
You should charge the battery regularly even if when not using the device regularly. Make sure to charge the battery at least once every thirty days to maintain optimal battery performance. Failure to charge the battery regularly often results in damaged cells in the battery resulting in a loss of the ability to maintain a sufficient charge. Make sure to follow all directions when charging the device as improper use can also damage the battery's ability to perform as desired.

Are these devices charged out of the box?
Before leaving the factory the batteries are fully charged. However, over time batteries will lose charge without use. For optimal results, charge the battery completely before first using the jumpstarter and at least monthly between uses. It is not uncommon for the first charge to take up to seventy-two hours. The charge light will indicate when the battery has reached full capacity.

Is the battery replaceable?
This device does not contain any serviceable parts inside. The battery is not replaceable, but when used as directed lasts a long time.

Can I use the battery test function to test the battery in my vehicle?
This is not a function of the jumpstarter. This unit can only test the level of the built-in battery.

My jumpstarter says it is charged but is not jumpstarting.
Make sure you have the power switch turned to the "on" position.

Product Reviews

5 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: King Leung 
on 08/19/2020

Hi, would this jump start 2014 Mercedes gl 450?

5 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: d h 
on 08/05/2020

power station psx3 can have a replacement battery installed look for one comparible to 6fm-18

3 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: Dr Chidi Onwuzuligbo 
on 04/13/2020

I bought a brand new PSX3 about 5yrs ago and had not used it for once. In April,2020, I decided to start using it. Our voltage is 220/240V and I mistakenly plugged it to charge. When I realised it wasn't charging,I now used stepdown transformer to reduce the electricity voltage to 110/120V and the battery always indicate charged. When you unplug it,there won't be any power on it. I feel the battery has some issues. Can somebody advise me on what to do? Where can I get replacement battery?

3 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: Nelson N 
on 04/06/2020

I have this charger for & years and it works great. And one day, it just stop charging. Does anyone knows how to fix it , does this one have a fuse?

5 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: Evelise Sandidge 
on 10/12/2019

I would love to know who makes this unit. Mine no longer works after about 9 years and I want to buy another one. But it appears to be "no longer available". Does that mean it is discontinued? Or out of stock? I love it & used it for everything it was made for many times with great success! GREAT PRODUCT!

5 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: Ranger Ron 
on 02/05/2019

Had it for 4 years, works great! Use it for camping; runs CPAP all night from full charge . I have aired tires and jump started cars a few times. I would recommend and have to a few friends.

4 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: Bill Smythe 
on 07/30/2018

Not a bad unit. DO BE SURE to recharge it at least monthly! Whst a hassle! So, once a.month, use tge cigarette adaptor and let it charge on a 1/2 hr trip each 2 weeks or hour trip, monthly. And you CAN replace the battery. If that's not in your skill set get safety glasses and read/watch about 3 utubes... and google psx3 battery. They are about 40$. Do NOT put the battery in the garbage can.

5 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: Chris Bridges 
on 02/05/2018

No one should be with this baby! My dad gave his Power Station (well he loaned to me and I never returned it). So easy to use and has many features, which I've used all of them. The only thing it can't do is unlock your doors if you leave your keys in the ignition.

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