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Breathalyzer Calibration Service

Breathalyzer Calibration Service

Regular Price: $40.00
  • Restore factory calibration & settings
  • Fast turn around time
  • Functional test & minor repairs if needed
  • Use wet bath breathe alcohol simulators

Product Description

Like any other analytical instrument, breathalyzers need routine calibration to ensure their accuracy. Calibration compensates for aging of sensor and other critical components. We strongly recommend that you calibrate your breathalyzer once every year or sooner.

Our Calibration Procedure

  • Perform functional test
  • Test and calibrate the unit for its entire reading range
  • Use automated DOT approved "Wet Bath Breath Simulators"
  • Replace mouthpieces
  • Complete the task in 5 working days

How do I send my unit in for calibration?

  • Purchase a calibration ticket for your specific device in this page
  • You will receive a calibration ticket number via E-mail
  • Send the device in its original packaging, if possible
  • Please DO NOT SEND mouthpieces or any accessories such as batteries, chargers, etc.
  • Write the calibration ticket number on the shipping label
  • Describe any or all problems in details
  • Make sure to mail the unit insured or at least with a delivery confirmation ticket

What if I have a newer Breathalyzer with a field replaceable sensor?
If you have an AlcoMate Prestige AL6000 or the AlcoMate Premium AL7000, the field replaceable sensor modules are available for $29.95 and you can replace it yourself. Visit the links above to purchase any sensors you may need.

Periodic Calibration Ensures Accuracy
ASD recommends periodic re-calibration to verify proper performance of your instruments. While annual calibration is suggested, the time interval is dependent upon use and environmental conditions.

Breathalyzers we can calibrate

  • AlcoMate AccuCell AL9000
  • iSober Devices
  • AlcoMate Core
  • AlcoMate Pro
  • AlcoMate / CA2000
  • AlcoHawk ABI
  • AlcoScan 3500 Fuel Cell
  • If you don't see your breathalyzer on this list call us at 866-216-8700 to find out if we can calibrate it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does my breathalyzer require re-calibration?
It varies depending on the specific breathalyzer model and its usage but it is recommended that breathalyzers be calibrated every 200 tests or at least once yearly (whichever comes first). Also, if a large number of "high positive" readings are taken by the device, you may need to have calibration service performed much sooner than normally recommended.

What if my unit was found defective and needs repair?
If your device failed during or after calibration, it may need further repair or have the sensor replaced at which you will be notified immediately.

We will not attempt to repair without your authorization. If you choose not to approve the repair cost, the device will be mailed back to you with the initial calibration fee not refundable. This Fee can only be credited toward purchase of a new unit of equal or greater value.

Product Reviews

5 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: Ray W. 
on 10/31/2013

Brought my alcohawk here for calibration. Turn around was quick and they even repaired the broken battery cover for me at no charge. Great service!

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