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Model # BT5500

AlcAlert BT5500 Portable Breathalyzer

AlcAlert BT5500 Portable Breathalyzer

AlcAlert BT5500 Portable BreathalyzerAlcAlert BT5500 Portable BreathalyzerAlcAlert BT5500 Portable Breathalyzer
AlcAlert BT5500 Portable Breathalyzer
Regular Price: $99.95
  • No Mouthpieces Required! Test Multiple People Quickly
  • Backlit Digital Display is Easy to Read in Dim Light
  • .01% BAC Resolution Ensures Accurate Results
  • Made In Japan
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This item has been discontinued.
Product No Longer Available
Unfortunately, the AlcAlert BT5500 Portable Breathalyzer is no longer available. You can explore other items in the Breathalyzer category yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

Product Description

AlcAlert BT5500 Breathalyzer is an extremely compact and dependable alcohol screening device that is a must have for any responsible drinker. Why risk your safety and the safety of others? AlcAlert breathalyzer keep you alert, even if you had one too many. Don't leave it to chance, make sure yourself or others are in safe mental condition to operate machinery or drive before it's too late..

AlcAlert is a very accurate breathalyzer that helps wise drinkers to prevent an accident - while driving or operating heavy machinery. The BT5500 helps you make a more informed decision regarding your BAC with respect to both the law and the safety of yourself and others.

BT5500 is very simple to use. Exhale into the device and within a few seconds a precise level of your BAC will be displayed on the LCD.

Most Accurate at Low Level Detection

This low level sensitivity makes the BT5500 the best reusable breathalyzer in "Zero Tolerance" situations such as Schools, clinics, workplaces, as well as child custody & parental visitations.


  • Simple & Quick to Use
  • One Year Warranty
  • Audible Alerts
  • Velveteen Carrying Pouch
  • Made In Japan
  • No Mouthpieces Required
  • Easy to Read with Back Lighted Display
  • Highly Accurate Gas Sensing Technology
  • 2 AAA Batteries Included

No Mouthpieces Required
Smart industrial design has eliminated the need for installing expensive disposable mouthpieces. Unlike most other alcohol testers on the market , the AlcAlert does not require any mouthpieces to maintain sanitary test conditions. The subject simply blows at the device intake and never has to touch the unit directly with their lips. This method makes the AlcAlert BT5500 an ideal breathalyzer for parties and public gatherings. It completely eliminates any health hazard associated with public testing and save you the fixed cost of mouthpieces that are disposable.

Simple to Use
AlcAlert BT5500 is unbelievably simple to use. The unit makes a "beeping" sound when ready and again when a sufficient sample has been taken. Exhale gently into the unit and stop when you hear the second beep. Second later, an easy to read back-lit LCD will display the results in increments of .01%.



Size: 3½ x1¼ x ½ inches Power & Battery life: 2 AAA alkaline batteries for over 300 uses
Weight: 1.6 oz. (50 grams) Temperature Range: Storage: -4° to 158°F (-20° to 70°C)
Operating: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C )
Accuracy*: ±0.02% at 0.08 %BAC Warranty: 90 Day
Display: %BAC in 0.01 increments ranging from 0.00 to 0.12 Notes:
SKU: 744869100449 Country of Origin: Japan



Frequently Asked Questions

What does "-P" mean?
This indicates low power, or battery. Please replace the batteries.

What would cause the unit to read SAT?
The SAT icon means that the sensor is saturated. This occurs when the unit is not allowed ample time between uses. For example, frequent testing without allowing the moisture to evaporate from the sensor can cause the unit to cease measuring and display the SAT error message. You should stop and wait at least 30 minutes after drinking, eating or smoking before performing an alcohol test. This will help avoid contamination of the gas sensor and guarantee the most accurate measurement.

How many times do I need to push the button to get the SAT off?
The SAT message will turn off after the liquid has evaporated from the alcohol sensor. This time does vary, and mainly depends on what contaminants have been deposited on the detector. It sometimes may require several tries before the device becomes ready to measure again.

Product Reviews

4 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: Clara O. 
on 08/20/2014

Seems to work well to objectively measure BAC. Works easily. Seems accurate. Read high a few times. Called in and they told me to do a dry run. Seemed to fix the problem. I guess waiting the full 20 minutes is really important when using a breathalyzer.

5 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: Eliot K. 
on 08/20/2014

Works fast and easy to use. Gives accurate readings. Small and easy to keep in the car or have someone put in their purse. Hope it keeps me out of trouble ;)

4 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: David S. 
on 12/03/2013

Easy to use and reliable. Gives me peace of mind.

5 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: Chris L. 
on 12/03/2013

Use to check my BAC before blowing into my court imposed interlock breathalyzer. The money saved from fine failures, is well worth the purchase price.

4 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: Jim H. 
on 10/29/2013

Got the Alcalert pretty quickly. The instructions were easy to follow, but I still called to clarify the distance. It's been working well for me so far. Wish it had mouthpieces, but at this price the quality is top notch.

5 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: Caitlin Cole 
on 10/25/2013

Arrived super fast! We ordered it on a Tuesday, and got it the next day. The alcalert was a little smaller than I anticipated, but it fit great in my clutch which was even better. I thought about a keychain breathalyzer, but I was a litlte embarassed about keeping one on my keys at all times when I only wanted to bring the tester with me when I knew I was going to drink. It was simple to use, and gave quick results. I've used it about 30 times so far, and you can slowly see your BAC dropping the more time goes by. I've had some interesting conversations with people when they see I have one. I'm a casual drinker, and would recommend this to someone else.

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For warranty information on this product, please call our Customer Service Center at 1-818-701-9200.


Like any other analytical instrument, breathalyzers need routine calibration to ensure their accuracy.

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