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About Advanced Safety Devices

ASD manufactures and distributes the most innovative corporate and personal safety products.

Advanced Safety Devices is a leading manufacturer and distributor of precision alcohol testers, enlarged door viewers, professional geological compasses, and many other safety products. In two decades we have built out a company focused on quality, innovation, and providing value to our customers. We manufacture the largest selection of breathalyzer alcohol testers and cater to consumers, law enforcement and military clients.

Our R&D Department has consistently allowed us to launch cutting edge and innovative products and technologies. The new SafeWay Disposable Alcohol Detector, launched in 2006, have been universally recognized as the best line of one time use breathalyzers on the market today. Their popular uses have been embraced not only by various branches of the military and law enforcement, but by a growing number of consumers that are unwilling to settle with anything but the best.

In 2007, the introduction of the AlcoMate Prestige and AlcoMate Premium have nicely rounded out our Consumer & Professional Breathalyzer product line. The Premium AL7000 introduced the 2nd generation sensor replacement technology called PRISM. While the Prestige AL6000 provides incredible performance and great value for customers who want a DOT approved alcohol breathalyzer without having to send their device in for calibration.

What's more, the SafeWay Disposable Breathalyzers are built right here in the USA. The devices are built from scratch, with our Production Team achieving levels of quality unparalleled in the industry.

Our enlarged door viewer line has also received a number of new additions. The DS175ELP have been added to the DoorScope DS238 and DS175 family. The new DS175ELP features an electroplated finish to offer a new chrome finish to our DS175. Coupled with a new 2nd generation optical lens, launched in 2010, and offering incredible performance at an amazing price, ASD's Door Viewer line never looked this good.

2014 is also the first year ASD introduced its line of Professional Breathalyzer with "Fuel Cell" technology. The CA20F Professional Fuel Cell Breathalyzer offers incredible performance with a law enforcement grade sensor that can handle the rigors of professional use, while the AlcoMate AccuCell AL9000 offers the pinnacle of alcohol testing with its industry first PC Connect Kit. Exporting your test results to you PC has never been easier.

Customer Satisfaction and Technical Service

All of ASD products ship complete with detailed instruction manual, attractive retail gift boxes, all necessary hardware, and batteries are included with every unit.

Here at ASD we will not accept anything but 100% customer satisfaction. This is our commitment to you. We have a dedicated team of trained professionals that will help you determine the problem and help guide you with any issue you might have with our products. In the unlikely event that one of our units will need to be serviced, our Warranty Repair Center in Los Angeles, CA will do the work in 72 hours or less in most of the cases.

You can visit us for the latest in news, support and product line by going to www.safety-devices.com. Or by calling our Toll-Free Customer Service number 866-216-8700 (local: 818-701-9200), where our friendly and knowledgeable team will help you answer any question.

Expert Advice

Advanced Safety Devices has a dedicated team of trained professionals that are experts in our entire product line. They are dedicated in helping you with any trouble you may have with your product. From the simplest problem to the most complex, they will help you trouble shoot and give you expert advice on solving the issue quickly and efficiently. You won’t even have to waste time by sending the unit back for unnecessary repairs for something that can be fixed yourself.