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Model # DS238

Door Viewer DS238 Metallic Ultra Wide Angle Door Scope

Door Viewer DS238 Metallic Ultra Wide Angle Door Scope

Door Viewer DS238 Metallic Ultra Wide Angle Door ScopeDoor Viewer DS238 Metallic Ultra Wide Angle Door ScopeDoor Viewer DS238 Metallic Ultra Wide Angle Door Scope
Door Viewer DS238 Metallic Ultra Wide Angle Door ScopeDoor Viewer DS238 Metallic Ultra Wide Angle Door Scope
Regular Price: $69.95
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Stand up to 6 ft away
  • 2 3/8" viewing diameter
  • 100% glass optical lenses
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Product Description

Door Viewer / Door Scope model DS238 is an extraordinary high tech optical device that virtually replaces the conventional peep hole. When mounting this unit on any door, you will have a clear view of the outside even if standing six feet away from your door. Featuring an ultra-wide viewing angle, the Door Scope DS238 leaves absolutely zero dead zone for unwanted guests or intruders to conceal themselves.

Door Scope requires no connection to a power source or battery and is a simple installation you can do yourself. The viewing image clearly lets you see your visitors with no visual distortion even at the edges. Say goodbye to your old peephole and stop putting yourself in harm of potential intruders.


  • Clear viewing from up to 6 feet away
  • No need to put your eye to the door
  • Easy to install; do it yourself
  • Watch for unexpected visitors and intruders
  • No electrical connections
  • Adjusts to fit a maximum door thickness of 2" or 50mm
  • 100% glass optical lenses
  • Aluminum Metal Construction Body
  • Maintenance free
  • Available in Black, Brass, and Silver Anodized Finishes

Where is the DS238 used?

  • Elderly housing
  • Security in banks and ATM Machines
  • Residential entry door
  • Inmate observation in correctional facilities
  • Multi tenant dwelling
  • Loss prevention in chain stores
  • Animal observation by staff in the zoo
  • Back doors


Product Comparison

Doorscope Comparison

Package Contents

  • Door Viewer DS238 Unit
  • Door Template for cutout
  • Instructions

Door Scope Installation Guide

Tools Needed

  • 2 3/8" Hole Saw
  • 1/8" Drill Bit.
  • Power Drill
DoorScope Tools Needed

    Before installing, hold door viewer with your hand and test the image is satisfactory. We suggest testing day and night and adjust for height.

  1. Affix the enclosed drill template/sticker on a desired place where the door viewer is to be installed.

    Be sure that the label is stuck on the outside of the door and is kept horizontal in reference to the level line given on the sticker.

  2. Drill the large hole all the way through the door. To achieve smooth edges at both side of the cutout, it is best to first drill from outside until the drill tip shows up on the inside. Now you should drill the remainder from inside out

    Caution: The two or 4 small index holes are drilled from the outside and not deeper than 1/4 inch. Do not drill all the way through.

  3. Remove the template/sticker from the door.
  4. Unscrew the outside piece and insert it into the hole from the outside.
  5. With the outside piece held in place and its index pins dropped into the index holes, screw in the main body from the inside.
  6. After the outside piece and the body are tightened, fasten the ring nut on the inside to firmly secure the viewer to the door.

Product Reviews

5 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: Stephen H 
on 12/01/2022

Order was very easy as the girl on the phone was able to help answer all my questions. Shipping was very fast and items arrived perfectly. Instructions were a little confusing but a quick call answered our pressing questions. After installing one, the rest were a breeze. I added a little sealer around the trim just to be extra cautious. Overall very happy with the quality of this viewer. It's much easier to see than our peephole we're replacing. I can't read the words on someone's shirt, but I can see who and how many people are standing outside. I can even see if they're standing off to the side which is great.

5 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: B Jones 
on 01/29/2022

We're really happy with the viewer. We called our local locksmith that rekeyed our locks and he had no problem following the instructions and getting it set up for us. We run a day care and its made our lives so easy so that we can see which parent is coming to pick up their child. Saves time for me and the parents. I saw this product installed at my bank and I asked the teller if he knew who made it and he referred me to ASD. Shipping was fast and the people on the phone were very friendly when my installer had questions.

5 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: Jerry C. 
on 03/06/2020

Great replacement for the Nue-View door viewer. The lens is a little clearer too and the packaging is very nice. Instructions were really easy to follow.

4 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: Jody K 
on 02/12/2020

I like the fact that I don't have to get right up to the door to see if someone is there, but it's not as crystal clear as they claim. Also I had not seen that the image when looking through the device is backwards, like looking in a mirror. Somehow I missed that detail when I ordered. Our handyman was able to install without any issues. For this reason, I can't give it a 5 star rating.

5 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: bob white 
on 07/22/2016

The door viewer is great, performs as claimed. Handle it very gently, it has precision optics. I suggest you have a small contractor install it. The required hole saw is big. Much bigger than for a residential door knob or dead bolt lock. Installation was easy but now I spent about as much on special tools (the hole saw) as I did on the viewer, and I own a 2 3/8 hole saw which I never expect to use again.

5 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: Jeffrey M. 
on 05/01/2015

Finished installing the DS238 and everything looks to be in order. Had a little trouble understanding why the image was reversed, but called into customer support and they explained it very clearly that the prism used inside this device acts much like a mirror and makes the image left to right and right to left. Now that I know it doesn't bother me at all. What's important is that I see the person on the other side and that they can't see me! I installed this in my mother's home and she loves that she doesn't have to walk up to the door to see who is on the other side. She opted for the black finish and it's very well coated. The part itself feels heavy and durable, meant for industrial applications, but works great in her residential home. There's no denying the ds238 is a quality built part. Looking to order another one of these as gifts for a few friends!

5 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: Tania N. 
on 01/21/2015

Had my locksmith install the ds238 without much fuss. The large optics provides a viewable image on the inside and there really is no need to put your eye to a hole or even get close to the door. It is a one-way system so it's not possible to use special optics from the outside to look into the interior room. Build quality is top notch and the finish matches my door handles perfectly. Glad I replaced my old door peephole!

5 of 5 Stars!
 Submited By: Tina M 
on 03/11/2014

Love it. I can see the whole front yard. What's great is that I don't have to stick my eye up to the door. I can just stand back and see everything I need to see. Even at night with the porch light on I can see everything and feel safe about opening the door.

More Information

Downloadable PDFs

You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Download a free copy from the Adobe Web site.


ASD warrants the Door Viewer DS238 to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year. Please contact us at 818-701-9200 if you have any warranty inquirers.

Reversed Image

Reversed images are a consequence of using a prism. Using the prism provides many benefits such as a wide angle reflection of the image as well as privacy of the occupant. A result is the image is reversed left/right and right/left just like looking into a mirror.

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