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Model # Nomad V2

Brunton Nomad V2 Digital Compass

Regular Price: $78.00
  • Bubble level for accuracy
  • Declination adjustable
  • Backlit digital display
  • Forward and reverse bearing
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Product Description

The NomadV2 by Brunton hand held digital compass offers simple navigation with the press of a button. Find your way with the help of this forward and reverse bearing compass. This unit does not simply navigate - it informs. Receive current temperature readings, time and date and daily alarms. Nightime usage is simple with the convenient backlit display.


  • Temperature in °C or °F
  • One year warranty
  • 1° resolution
  • Time / date display
  • Forward and reverse bearing>
  • Bubble level for +/- 2° accuracy
  • One CR2032 3V lithium battery included
  • Compass
  • Two daily alarms
  • Wrist/neck lanyard
  • Declination adjustable
  • Backlit digital display


  • Digital compass provides 16 cardinal directions and bearing in degrees (one degree resolution)
  • Declination adjustable


  • Two separate time modes can be set to either twelve or twenty-four hour formats.
  • Displays year, month, day/date, hour, minute and seconds.


Size: 3.5" x 2.3" x 0.7" Weight: 3.6 oz
SKU: 080078004773 Country of Origin: China


Package Contents

  • Brunton Nomad V2 Digital Compass

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you turn the Nomad V2 off to preserve battery life?
These units remain on at all times. There is no need to preserve battery life as a fresh battery typically lasts over a year..

What kind of battery does the Nomad V2 take?
The Nomad V2 uses a CR2032 Lithium battery. You can find this type of battery at big box stores, pharmacies and anywhere else batteries are sold.

How do I calibrate my compass?
First, select compass mode by pressing the bottom left button. COMP will be displayed after you enter the compass mode. To Calibrate you will press and hold the top left button. Hold it in until you see "CAL" on the screen. At this point you will want to set or hold the compass as level as possible. You will then begin rotating the compass two full rotation (720 degrees). Each rotation should last roughly 20 seconds. This will make sure that the compass is getting the proper bearings and measurements it needs to be as accurate as possible. After completing two full rotations, again press the top left button. This brings you to your Declination Setting. Use the Right side buttons on the unit to change the flashing values up and down. To change what value is flashing simply hit the bottom left button. Once your declination is set, you can hit the top right button to save and exit the calibration mode. NOTE: if you are wanting to just use Magnetic North directions, you can skip the Declination screen and hit the top left button to exit the calibration mode.

My compass readings go away and (- - - -) is displayed on the screen. How do I get my direction readings back?
Simply hit the Top Right button to get your direction readings to return . This will bring your readings back up for about 10 seconds and will then go back to the (- - - -) being displayed.

More Information

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The Brunton Company warrants the Nomad V2 to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for One Year.

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