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Powerstation PSX3 Jumpstarter - Air Compressor, DC Outlet Review

by Prabhat Chowdhury Date Added: Saturday 14 November, 2020
Reply to King Leung’s submitted post dated 08/19/2020. Hi King, jumping a car battery depends on the Cranking Ampere required by the vehicle as per the vehicle’s manual. The Peak output of this PSX3 is 1000 AMP and the Cranking Amp is 400 which I saw in the Product’s website when the battery is fully charged. Please note that PSX3’s battery needs to be in good condition, i.e., its battery holds charge of at least 12 V or more when fully charged. If some of the cells of the battery of PSX3 are dead, even if PSX3 indicates fully charged (the green LED ON), it will not be able to jump start any car battery. My PSX3 (5.5 yrs old; I mentioned 7 yrs old in my previous post in error which I discovered just few minutes ago by reading the manufactured date on the unit) was showing green LED ON, indicating fully charged, however, when I tried to inflate my tires, the compressor did not come on. As mentioned in my previous post, the battery of my PSX3 was not holding charge. I replaced the battery, which I have described in my previous post dated 11/12/2020, and not it works as good as new or even better.

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