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Powerstation PSX3 Jumpstarter - Air Compressor, DC Outlet Review

by Prabhat Chowdhury Date Added: Tuesday 01 December, 2020
In my review dated 11/12/2020 I mentioned that I applied grease to the gears and other components of the Air Compressor of my PSX3. Also I had mentioned that the air compressor worked very well after replacing the battery and applying grease. I made one blunder - applied grease even inside the cylinder of the Air Compressor thinking that it will provide lubrication to the piston. Actually it did and I could inflate my spare tire to 60 PSI as reported in my 11/12/2020 post. However, last week after inflating 4 tires of my car, on the 4th tire, the sound of the air compressor changed signaling some kind of failure. It followed by no increase in the pressure gauge reading even when the Air Compressor is running. Two days ago I concluded that the Air Compressor failed to compress the air, which was confirmed after opening PSX3 last night. The grease inside the cylinder had reacted with the plastic or any material at the head of the piston which was providing a good seal during compression. The grease crumpled the washer/ring of the piston head that was proving air seal. It came out in pieces as noticed by bringing the piston to the bottom dead center. Therefore, please do not apply grease in the inside of the cylinder. I am writing this to let the readers know my blunder - please do not apply grease or any other lubricant that will destroy the washer/ring that is present at the head of the piston inside the cylinder to provide seal to generate compressed air.

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