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Best Breathalyzer 2015: What is the best alcohol tester for you?

Our Breathalyzer reviews look at the best alcohol breathalyzers on the market in 2015 and we looked at both home and portable models. When buying an alcohol tester, consider price, ease of use, accuracy, and long term cost ownership.


AlcAlert BT5500 Portable Breathalyzer

Sometimes the best things are the most simple and that is what puts the AlcAlert BT5500 Breathalyzer on our list. The AlcAlert is super easy to use and without any mouthpieces, the BT5500 has gained the attention of users looking to provide alcohol testing without the added cost of disposable mouthpieces. The slid design and lightweight plastic make this a great breathalyzer that can easily fit in your pocket or purse.

SafeWay Breathalyzer

SafeWay Disposable Breathalyzer

The SafeWay Disposable Alcohol Detector is the premier single use breathalyzer available. Used by law enforcement, military substance abuse programs, educational institutions, and consumers. These onetime use tests are an affordable way to test for the presence of alcohol. Use the 0.02 %BAC tester for zero tolerance situations or the 0.08 %BAC tester for safeguard against the Legal Limit in the US. Just pop the capsule inside, shake it up, blow through the tube, and a color change indicates of a positive test result.

CA2010 Breathalyzer

SafeWay CA2010 Professional Breathalyzer

It is hard to beat a classic like the CA2000, but they have made a nice improvement by adding a dual color screen, enhanced software, and a refined sensor for better accuracy. Introduced late 2014, the CA2010 uses a high durability sensor module for professional use testing. The device is lightweight so one can use it anywhere and the outside ditches the hard plastics of the CA2000 and uses soft touch materials for a pleasant grip when using. The previous model ushered in a new era of professional breathalyzers when it was released.

It's clear to see the improvements made to the CA2010 make this one of the best breathalyzers for clinical and professional use. Consumers shouldn't worry, because the one button operation make this one of the easiest breathalyzers to use.

AlcoMate Premium

AlcoMate Premium AL7000

The AL7000 by AlcoMate is one of the most accurate and durable breathalyzers on the market. It uses an advanced law enforcement grade sensor and 3 digit display to provide easy to read results. Using the patented replaceable sensor module technology, the AL7000 never has to be sent in for routine calibration services. Removing the burden of sending your breathalyzer to our facilities for calibration, with the AL7000, you can simply pull out the old sensor and replace it with a Precalibrated factory sensor. This eliminates and down time and essentially restores your breathalyzer to an almost brand new condition. Improvements for 2015 include software updates, improved finish quality, and a slightly longer mouthpiece design.

CA20F Breathalyzer

SafeWay CA20F Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

The CA20F Fuel Cell Breathalyzer is the closest you will get to using top of the line breathalyzer equipment within the comfort of your own home. It has a platinum fuel cell sensor powered by a 9v battery for over 1000 effective tests. It is perfect for consumers and professional use, either at home or at the workplace. The one button option makes the CA20F simple enough for anyone to use without any professional training. Its bright LCD display clearly provides a 3 digit decimal read out (0.000%) day or night. We put the CA20F through our gauntlet of breathalyzers and found it came out on top for overall accuracy and durability. It maintained accurate readings throughout while other alcohol testers started to waver.