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ASD Drop Ship Program

Welcome to the Advanced Safety Devices Drop Ship Program.

Here you will find the perfect solution for growing your business without the hassle of inventory control, product packaging, and delivery. ASD provides you with excellent quality products, that you will be proud to sell, in addition to a vast selection of items that are in stock, with 24 hour online purchasing capabilities.

Expect to receive outstanding personalized service, and unbeatable prices.

Your business and your clients are important to us, so we will always drop ship products to your customer in a timely manner (1-3 business days). Enhance your business, by becoming an authorized dealer today!

How it works

You only buy what you have sold and do not tie down your cash assets to any inventory or pay the high cost of warehousing, inventory taxes and many other logistical overheads. Once you have sold a product you process the transaction and then email your "ship to" order form to us. ASD will ship your order "blindly" to your customer or insert your company invoice. You make your profit margin from the difference of what you charge your customer over what you pay for the goods.

Advantages of Wholesale Drop Shipping

How To Get Started

To get started you will need to submit your Dropship Application first. With an approved aplication, you will then sign the ASD Dealer Agreemnet and officially become an ASD authorized dealer. Dealership prices will only be released to you after your application accepted and the Dealer's agreement has been signed. Please do not ask prior this time.

With your dealership signed, you will gain permission to the use of our product images and texts on your websites and begin the use of your account immediately.

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