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Model # Solo S2

Escort Solo S2 Radar Detector

Escort Solo S2 Radar Detector

Escort Solo S2 Radar DetectorEscort Solo S2 Radar Detector
Regular Price: $339.95
  • 360 radar and laser detection
  • Low Power cordless design
  • Programmable DSP
  • AutoSensitivity mode/li>
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Product Description

Cordless Convenience
Never again must you choose between convenience and performance. The revolutionary new cordless SOLO S2 radar and laser detector creates the most powerful combination of long range performance, and convenient battery operation ever - it's simply amazing!

No other radar detector provides the portable convenience and protection of the SOLO S2. It's easy to own and operate. No more cords - just stick it to the windshield, turn it on, and you're ready to go. The SOLO S2 cordless radar detector is ideal for the person who is constantly in and out of rental cars, or just wants the easiest-to-use radar and laser protection.

High-Efficiency Power Management
The SOLO S2's new power management circuit has also been redesigned to give you the longest battery life possible. It constantly watches the condition of your batteries and reminds you to replace them before it's too late.

Batteries SOLO S2 uses only a fraction of the power used by conventional corded radar detectors. Using 2 standard AA batteries (included), the SOLO S2 provides months of normal driving protection. A new low-battery warning circuit keeps constant watch on the condition of the batteries, and provides you with both audible and visual alerts before they need to be replaced. We've also added a new Auto Power feature (programmable), which conserves battery life by automatically turning your SOLO S2 off when not in use.

It rarely gave a false signal...and it never missed an actual radar gun. The Solo S2 works...and it works well!
- Sport Compact Car

400% Better Range
The completely redesigned SOLO S2 provides long-range warning on all radar bands, including conventional and "instant-on" X-band, K-band, and Super wide Ka-band. Patented Digital Signal Processing (DSP) provides the longest warning possible without constant false alarms. A new waveguide radar antenna, a new low-powered digital receiver, and a high-speed microprocessor with Escort's proprietary software, all run efficiently on just two standard AA batteries. The results are impressive, including an astonishing 400% improvement in detection range on Ka-band over other cordless radar detectors.

Ultra-Performance Laser Detection
The SOLO S2 uses multiple low-noise laser sensors to provide long-range warning, and the widest field of view against laser encounters.

Programmable Features
SOLO S2 packs 10 user programmable features, SOLO S2 Programming Buttons allowing you to customize it for your specific driving style. Your preferred settings are stored in memory, even when you replace batteries. Or, simply use SOLO S2's factory settings, allowing you to just turn it on and go.

High-Resolution Graphic LCD Display
A new, brilliant LCD display makes the SOLO S2 radar and laser detector intuitive to use, and easy to understand. SOLO S2 Display Each radar, laser and SWS signal is identified and communicated to you with clear messages. Signal strength is provided using three different types of meters (programmable), while the backlit display automatically adjusts for optimum viewing.

One Step Ahead
Speed measuring devices continue to improve through the use of new technology. SOLO S2's innovative design allows the on-board microprocessor to be reprogrammed to detect new radar and laser units. While other manufacturers' models become obsolete, the SOLO S2's software can be updated to protect you against the latest threats.

Safety Radar Signals
SWSSOLO S2 provides unique audible and visual alerts for Safety Warning System (SWS) signals. These alerts (up to 64 messages) will keep you informed of road hazards in areas using this technology

Comes Fully Equipped
The Cordless SOLO S2 comes ready to drive with a comprehensive Owner's Manual, quick-release adjustable windshield mount, built-in earphone jack, travel case, and a set of AA batteries.


  • 360-degree radar and laser detection
  • Low Power cordless design uses 2 AAs
  • Advanced re programmable DSP
  • AutoSensitivity mode eliminates false alarms
  • Long-range protection on all radar bands
  • Ultra-performance laser protection
  • Immune to the VG-2 "detector-detector"
  • High resolution graphic LCD display
  • Built-in earphone jack


Band Detection: Alerts you to X, K, Superwide Ka, and Laser signals. Earphone Jack: Yes
Auto Power Off: When using battery power, unit shuts off automatically if no signals are detected and no buttons are manipulated for one hour.
Power: 2 AA Batteries or 12V DC Power Adapter (both included)
Laser: Front/Rear Visual Alerts: Bar
360° radar and laser coverage: 360° sensing perimeter. Enhanced POP Detection: Gives you an extra second or two to slow down.
Dimensions: 1.16" H x 2.90" W x 5.25" L Weight: 13.6 oz.

Package Contents

  • Escort Solo S2 Cordless radar detector
  • Travel case
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • 1 EasyMount bracket with 2 suction cups
  • 2 Extra suction cups
  • Owner's Manual
  • Product Registration Card

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