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PowerStation PSX3 - The Power of the Jumpstarter

powerstation psx3 jumpstarter

The PowerStation PSX3 Jump Starter is the kind of product everyone should own. This unit is not just a heavy-duty emergency jump starter with an integrated 18 amp hour battery, it also features a 160 PSI air compressor, a 12 volt source of power, and even an emergency light.

Picture this scenario: You just finished up a long week of business meetings out of town. You've been driving for hours trying to make it home to your significant other at a decent hour. All of the sudden, your tire goes flat. You pull over to the side of the road, as cars zoom past you. You pull out your cell phone to let your significant other know of your delay, but the battery is dead and you still haven't replaced your cellphone's car charger that broke last month.

To make matters worse, you're low on gas and the temperature is quickly dropping below zero. You turn the engine off to save gas and head towards the trunk to find your salvation: the PowerStation PSX-3 Portable JumpStarter.


powerstation psx3 using USB port to charge a smartphone

Within minutes, you've got your tire inflated with the PSX3's 160 PSI air compressor, and you patched the hole with a tire patch kit that you always keep in the glove box. You remember you've got your cell phone's USB cable in your laptop bag, so you hook it up to the 1 Amp USB port that's built into the unit. After about 15 minutes, you've managed to get your tire fixed and your cellphone charged. You give the significant other a quick call to let them know you've been a bit delayed and you're about to be on your way. Unfortunately, when you turn the key in the ignition, you realize that you left your headlights on the entire time, which combined with the cold temperature, drained your battery enough to prevent the engine from turning over. You immediately regret putting off replacing that old battery, but regret can't charge a dead battery.

That's when you remember the prime feature of your PSX-3...it's an emergency jump starter! Once again, you grab the unit out of the trunk and within minutes you've got enough juice to start the car. In twenty minutes, you've managed to fix a flat tire, charge your cell phone and jumpstart a dead battery, all with a device that cost a mere $119.99.

Ok, we admit it - the scenario described above is a bit far fetched, but it was a hypothetical situation designed to illustrate just how valuable this jump starter is. It's not just great in emergency situations either - you can use the PSX3 to inflate bicycle tires, basketballs and more. It would also be a great addition to any camping trip, for example. If you were to bring this along on the camping trip you would likely become the most popular person at the campsite, since everyone would likely end up asking if they can charge their smart phones and mp3 players with your PSX3.

But enough talk, right? Let's take a look at the specs of this fine piece of technology:

  • Extremely Powerful 18 amp hour battery has the power to start batteries immediately
  • USB Port to charge most electronics with 1 Amp of current
  • Powerful air compressor capable of 160 PSI
  • Jumper Cables that are nearly three feet in length with 400 ampere clamps
  • Stylish racing gauges
  • Bright 3 LED light for emergency situations
  • Warning indicator for reversed polarity due to improper connections
  • Rechargeable by a standard wall outlet or via a 12V cigarette lighter receptacle Includes all the cables necessary for charging

Still not convinced? Check out our entire selection of jump starters and compare the features and prices and make your own decision!

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